Cebu Budget Tour Packages


Regal and rich in culture, CEBU offers an experience that will take travelers down the path of history. Visit churches that have stood through the centuries for a rustic showcase
of culture and religion. Walk upon sites that were witnesses to crucial events in Philippine history. In Cebu, you will be seeing the interesting interplay of tradition and modernity.
Beyond history, it also offers delectable seafood, golden beaches, and other surprises. Experience the rustic ambiance in a bustling metropolis with visits to the Monument
of Lapu-lapu, The first Philippine hero; a shell craft store and Guitar and Ukulele factories famous for their fine handcrafted guitars.

Note: Cebu is a jump off point to go to other Visayan destinations such as Bohol, Dumaguete and Siquior; access is via fast ferry.
Please inform us if you should consider a multiple Visayan experience.

Cebu Budget Tour Packages

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